When cryptocurrency will crash?

Like thousands of other investors, he had lost a large portion of his cryptocurrency savings, a sum that once represented more than half of his net worth when the experimental crypto bank Celsius Network filed for bankruptcy this summer. If you think now is the time to buy, here's a look at past trends, some expert opinions, and tips on how to buy if you're new to cryptocurrency. While these policy changes aim to curb rising inflation, a side effect is the devaluation of risky assets, such as cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are volatile, with a history of “boom and bust” cycles that have caused many to wonder if it's safe to invest.

Today, Bitcoin acts like a stock, and the Fed's decisions on interest rates will play a crucial role in determining the fate of the main cryptocurrency and, therefore, of the entire crypto market. In court, Celsius's lawyers cited the terms of use that clients signed to argue that most depositors transferred ownership of their cryptocurrencies to the company. Sol is the native cryptocurrency of Solana, a public blockchain that supports decentralized financial applications that aim to recreate traditional financial systems, such as banks and exchanges. For those who have been investing in cryptocurrency for years, dramatic gains and losses are nothing new.

Developments like these are a reminder that cryptocurrencies are still a relatively new technology whose full effects on the global economy are not yet clear. So what do you do when digital assets like Bitcoin plummet? While the factors driving each cryptocurrency decline are different, it may be useful to remember some established investment principles, such as choosing how much of your total portfolio should be invested in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency markets are volatile, so buying cryptocurrency at any price, let alone a decline that could become a long-term trend, is risky. As interest in cryptocurrency has grown, public officials are considering what the technology could mean for monetary policy, security and the environment.

Ether, the second largest cryptocurrency in the world after bitcoin, is the native token of the Ethereum blockchain. The future of cryptocurrency is sure to include much more volatility, and experts say this is all normal. Reconsider what you would be most comfortable with in the future, such as allocating less money to cryptocurrencies in the future or diversifying through cryptocurrency-related stocks and blockchain funds instead of buying cryptocurrency directly (although you should still expect volatility when the cryptocurrency markets) fluctuate). When asked if Ethereum has stronger underlying fundamentals than bitcoin, Race Capital's Yeung said that the two cryptocurrencies are very different.

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